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3 Limitations and 3 Strengths of AI Writing You Must Know

The Dual Nature of AI (ChatGPT) Writing Assistant

7 min readApr 16, 2023


In the early 19th century, the textile industry experienced a revolution as the power loom, a groundbreaking invention, was introduced, promising to transform the way cloth was woven. This technological innovation threatened the livelihoods of skilled weavers, who were faced with a choice: adapt or perish. Many progressive weavers, recognizing the potential of the power loom, embraced the new technology and learned how to operate it, securing their roles in a rapidly modernizing industry. However, those who stubbornly resisted change, including the Luddites, resorted to protests and acts of sabotage in a futile attempt to preserve the old ways of weaving. Ultimately, it was the forward-thinking weavers who successfully transitioned and flourished, while the protesters and boycotters found themselves displaced, unable to compete with the efficiency and productivity of the power loom.

Just as the power loom revolutionized the textile industry and presented new opportunities and challenges, the age of Artificial (General) Intelligence has the potential to significantly impact our lives. We can draw a parallel between AI and the sail of a ship. The sail harnesses the power of…



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